5-7 May 2015 Paris (France)


The KIDA2015 best poster award was given to Mikhail Doronin for his poster "Experimental and theoretical study of CH3CN/CH3NC adsorption on graphite, quartz and H2O ice". 

The list of participants in pdf format with the affiliations is available here:  Liste_participants_KIDA2015

Oral presentations have been uploaded on the website. To see them click on the contributions on the web page Program.  

Pictures taken during the conference (taken by Benjamin Pavone) are displayed on the page "Picture Gallery".

Link to the book of abstracts: Book of Abstracts

2015 KIDA workshop

KIDA is a public database of gas phase reactions for astrochemistry online since 2009 (http://kida.obs.u-bordeaux1.fr). Following workshops which happenened every two years since 2007, we organize a new KIDA workshop from May 5th to 7th 2015 in Paris at the CNES (French Space Agencey) in downtown Paris.

The aim of this workshop is to foster the diffusion of results (both from theoretical and experimental laboratory chemistry and astrophysics) concerning the chemistry of the interstellar medium and (exo)planetary atmospheres. 

KIDA will soon be extended to surface processes. To that aim, a surface database prototype is being developed. This prototype along with a new version of the KIDA website will be presented at the workshop. 

The program will include presentations both on physico-chemistry of surfaces and the gas phase (theoretical and experimental aspects) and on astrophysical modeling with ties to astrochemistry. You can submit oral and poster contributions, a flash presentation of posters will be organised early during the workshop. There is no registration fees but you have to register since the CNES requires a list of participants.

Scientific topics:

  • New results in gas phase chemistry
  • Heterogeneous chemistry and grain surface processes
  • Astrophysical modeling of the Interstellar Medium
  • Astrophysical modeling of (exo)planetary atmosphères.

Invited speakers :

  • Matthieu Bertin (LERMA)
  • Sophie Carles (Université Rennes 1)
  • Berenger Gans (ISMO)
  • Maryvonne Gerin (LERMA)
  • Eric Herbst (University of Virginia, USA)
  • Stephen Klippenstein (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
  • Panayotis Lavvas(Université de Reims)
  • François Lique (Université du Havre)
  • Sébastien Maret (IPAG)
  • Marco Minissale (LERMA/UPMC)
  • Guillermo Muñoz-Caro (CAB, Spain)
  • Jérôme Pety (IRAM)
  • Claire Romanzin (LCP)
  • Evelyne Roueff (LUTH)
  • Patrice Theulé (Université d'Aix Marseille)
  • Olivia Venot (KU Leuven, Belgium)


  • Pierre Gratier (LAB / Bordeaux)
  • Nathalie Carrasco (LATMOS / Paris)
  • François Dulieu (LERMA-LAMAp / Cergy)
  • Franck Le Petit (LERMA / Paris)
  • Sebastien Le Picard (IPR / Rennes)
  • Jean-Christophe Loison (ISM / Bordeaux)


  • Olivier La Marle (CNES / Paris)
  • Valentine Wakelam (LAB / Bordeaux)
  • Liton Majumdar (LAB / Bordeaux)


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